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What to do when police harass you/try to impound your car in CA

state precedent:

special order 7 LAPD:

have someone with a CA drivers license come to the scene .. which is hard to do when they tell you not to call anyone - do it anyway. 

protest loudly - gain attention of passerbys

take names, badge numbers, and cards of all cops

get names and info of willing witnesses

ask them how long your car is to be impounded - if they say 30 days then they must allow you 30 min. to have someone pick it up instead of impound it. 

Ask them to write the impound length on the top of the impound ticket. (they told me they were changing the time to a 24 hour hold and that under that type of hold no one could pick it up. Then when I called the impound place they said it was actually under a 30 day hold - and paperwork verified that. Good thing I HAD IT ALL RECORDED). 

Record your encounter - smart phones work fine - they may require you to move back - 10-15 ft is required room to give a legal proceeding - do not acquiesce to requests to move further. 

Ask LOTS of questions but DO NOT answer any that are not necessary to the moment. Cops can lie to you but you can’t lie to the cops.- I know, shitty law.

If impounded, have the registered owner go the the police department the next day - with valid license, registration and title. They’ll probably release the vehicle. Then ask to fill out a form for an impound hearing (must be done within 10 days of impound). Do not accept verbal promises, deterrents or threats. The worse that can come of a hearing is that you still are required to pay the fees.

You can have an attorney present with you - registered owner and driver- at the hearing -but it may not be necessary.

If you live in LA you should use Special Order 7 by LAPD and find the section that applies to your situation:  (at top of page)

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